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Understanding the Elliptical Machine The elliptical machine, also known as an elliptical trainer or cross trainer, is a versatile piece of fitness equipment that has gained immense popularity in gyms and homes worldwide. It offers a unique full-body workout by simulating

Exercise bikes are an excellent way to improve your fitness for many reasons. An air bike can burn calories as well as increase muscle. In this article, we discuss the benefits of air bikes for cardio and reveal workout ideas

As home gym equipment experts, our team at DB Fitness help hundreds of clients choose the best training equipment to align with their fitness goals and maximise results. Today, we explore what to consider when buying weight plates for your

When it comes to home gym equipment, kettlebells are a great investment. Kettlebells are great for shaping a lean, toned, and firm physique, focusing on building strength rather than muscle bulk. Not only do they improve strength, but they also act as

With millions of people stuck at home for a large portion of the past two years, home gym equipment has risen in popularity. When it comes to weightlifting equipment, an adjustable dumbbell set is a perfect choice. An excellent benefit of dumbbells is that they

Have you just bought your first treadmills in New Zealand? If so, that’s great! Sun or rain, nothing can stop you from doing cardio now! However, when it comes to different cardio types you can do, you may ask yourself, “should

We are always motivated when first starting our fitness journey. However, losing momentum or getting bored is an all-too-common occurrence for many of us. Knowing how to stay motivated to work out makes the biggest difference in the long run! If


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