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Guide to Buying Weight Plates for Your Home Gym

Dumbbell weight plates for a home gym

As home gym equipment experts, our team at DB Fitness help hundreds of clients choose the best training equipment to align with their fitness goals and maximise results. Today, we explore what to consider when buying weight plates for your home gym. Read on to learn how things like your training goals and budget affect the weight plates you should invest in.

What Are Your Training Goals?

Your training goals are important to consider as they will determine the type of weight plates you should buy for your home gym. For example, if building strength is your primary goal, you will likely require heavier weight plates. In this case, a set of Olympic weight plates is a good investment as it will allow you to increase your strength over time.

Lighter weights may be more appropriate if you are more focused on improving your cardiovascular health. Consider buying standard weight plates that allow you to perform various exercises at higher reps.

Alternatively, consider purchasing bumper plates if your focus is functional fitness or cross-training. Bumper plates are made from thick rubber or urethane and designed to be dropped with minimal damage to the floor or plates. They are ideal for exercises like clean and jerks, snatches, and other explosive movements.

Hole Diameter Matters

Before buying weight plates, you need to know that there are two types of weight plates in terms of hole diameter. Standard-sized weight plates have a 29mm diameter hole which may not fit larger barbells. If you have a larger diameter barbell, Olympic weight plates and bumper plates will be a better fit as their hole diameter is around 51mm.

Budget Is Key

When considering weight plates for your home gym, it’s important to set a budget and look for plates that offer the best value for your money. For example, standard-weight plates are a good choice if you’re a beginner just starting and looking for an affordable option. They are less expensive than Olympic plates, and their smaller size makes them more manageable for beginners. Rubber-coated plates and bumper plates are also good choices as their design makes them safer to drop.

On the other hand, more experienced lifters looking to lift heavier may want to invest in Olympic weight plates. These plates are larger and have a standardised 2-inch diameter hole to fit Olympic-sized barbells. Bumper plates are also a good choice here as they can withstand repeated drops and be used for dynamic lifts like the snatch or clean and jerk.

Accuracy Depends on The Type of Weight Plate

Ideally, the weight of your plates will be accurate; however, it’s best not to assume this. For example, occasionally, cheap iron cast plates can have inaccurate weights. More expensive weight plates from reputable brands are more likely to have a reliable weight. If you already have plates, you can weigh them to verify their accuracy, and if you’re buying new ones, consider investing in higher-quality designs from the get-go. This will mean you can track your progress closely.

Style and Taste

Whether you’re looking for coloured weight plates or sleek matte black weights, style and taste can make a difference. Like a walk-in wardrobe or games room, a home gym can be a luxurious space to enjoy and upgrade your lifestyle. One way to do this is by investing in quality equipment you take pride in using. For example, Olympic weight plates are a quality investment, enhancing performance and adding a feeling of competition.

Invest in Your Life-Long Health with DB Fitness

Buying home gym equipment is an investment in yourself and your wellbeing. We highly recommend buying quality equipment you can rely on because your fitness and health are life-long commitments. 

As a leading professional fitness equipment brand in New Zealand, DB Fitness offers premium gym equipment and workout gear you can trust. Our excellent track record and exceptional customer is a testament to this.

To learn more, explore our website online and buy or hire the best home gym equipment from DB Fitness today.


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