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How to Stay Motivated to Work Out: Fitness Tips

A woman at the gym, learning how to stay motivated to workout through personal coaching

We are always motivated when first starting our fitness journey. However, losing momentum or getting bored is an all-too-common occurrence for many of us. Knowing how to stay motivated to work out makes the biggest difference in the long run!

If fitness has been a stop-and-start part of your life, we’re here to help! Below, we list some amazing tips and tricks to inspire you to work out. Discover tips to stay motivated and make fitness a lifelong hobby.

Set targets & goals

Setting goals is one of the most popular methods of fuelling motivation. However, this is a rather broad solution, and you have to be careful how you set them. Unclear goals will inspire unclear action. Sure, your goal may be to work out five times a week, but when, where, and for how long?

Rather than setting vague goals, write down specific goals with specific action plans that you can track. And set them within a realistic timeframe. If you want to lose 10kgs over the summer break or achieve 6-pack abs, set SMART goals to achieve it:

  • Specific: Write down your goal in as much detail as possible.
  • Measurable: Note measurable targets to track your progress and results.
  • Attainable: Make sure your goal is possible to accomplish.
  • Realistic: Consider the practical requirements needed to achieve the goal.
  • Time-Limited: make your goal time-limited with built-in deadlines to meet.

The beauty of setting specific goals is that they are measurable, and you can celebrate when you reach a clear milestone.

Make exercise part of your daily routine

How to stay motivated to work out? Make it second nature. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Try scheduling your workout in the morning at the same time every day. Although it may be hard at first, it will soon be ingrained into your routine. A great way to make this easier is to have a fitness setup with cardio and weight-lifting equipment at home. This means you can work out as soon as you roll out of bed in the morning; there’s no need to go to the gym or battle the elements on a stormy day.

If scheduling a specific time every day isn’t working, try incorporating exercise into your day in short bursts, such as going for a walk on your lunch break and taking the stairs whenever possible.

Get a gym buddy

Working out with a buddy has been proven to motivate and keep people accountable. Exercising with someone driven motivates you by osmosis. On those days you don’t feel like exercising, your buddy will be there to encourage you – and twist your arm a little. Additionally, skipping a training day is harder when we commit to turning up for ourselves and someone else.

Treat yourself to some new activewear

Another great way to stay motivated to work out is by treating yourself to some lovely new activewear. Clothes are a form of self-expression; when you look ready to work out, you will also feel motivated. Sporting some new activewear will make you want to go outside or to the gym to show it off and make the most of your investment.

To make working out second nature, lay your fancy new fitness clothing out at night before sleeping, so you can throw them on first thing and get straight to exercising.

Designate a workout space

Create a convenient, easily accessible and pleasant at-home workout space to exercise in. Incorporate essential exercise equipment like dumbbells, a yoga mat, a Swiss ball, and a foam roller. A power rack and treadmill are also great investments if you have the space, making cardio and weights training accessible no matter the weather or gym open hours. A designated workout space can make exercising more comfortable and get you inspired.

Stick to a reward system

A reward system is another way to stay motivated. Whether that’s through letting yourself have a cheat meal after working out three times a week, or by doing an activity you love or buying something nice for yourself, rewards can help you celebrate your accomplishments and motivate you to keep going.

Additionally, introducing rewards for regular exercise also creates consequences meaning you miss out on the reward when you don’t work out.

Track your progress

It is easy to lose workout motivation, especially when you don’t see the results. Whether it is a fortnightly BMI test, regular health check-ups, or by using a fitness tracker app or taking before and after photos, find ways to track your progress. See how far you’ve come!

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