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We currently offer free delivery over Auckland and orders over $2000 over New Zealand.


Optimize your workout space with our range of fitness equipment storage racks, essential for both home and commercial gym owners. These racks are crucial for keeping your gym tidy, safe, and efficient, facilitating smoother transitions between exercises and extending equipment longevity.

Maximize Space and Safety: Our storage racks organize various equipment types such as dumbbells, kettlebells, weight plates, and yoga mats. By clearing the floor, they enhance safety and usability, making your gym easier to navigate. This organization is vital in commercial gyms where space management and safety are top priorities.

Improve Gym Aesthetics and Functionality: An organized gym is more inviting and professional. Our storage solutions help maintain a neat environment that looks appealing and is more functional. Organized spaces encourage more frequent and effective workouts.

Durable, Versatile Solutions: Constructed from high-quality materials, our storage racks are robust, suitable for both home and commercial use. They come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different equipment types and volumes, ensuring a perfect match for your needs.

Invest in a DB Fitness equipment storage rack to transform your workout area into a clean, organized, and safe space. Ideal for any gym owner, our racks enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your fitness environment.

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Our aim is to expand our business so that DB fitness is a well known house hold name throughout this beautiful country.

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