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We currently offer free delivery over Auckland and orders over $2000 over New Zealand.

Protection & Supports

Training wrist wraps, knee wraps, and grip straps are key for enhancing workout safety and performance.

Wrist Wraps: They stabilize your wrists during heavy lifting. This extra support can help prevent injuries, allowing for safer, heavier lifts.

Knee Wraps: Essential for leg exercises, these wraps support your knee joints. They distribute stress evenly, especially helpful for those with previous knee issues or when lifting heavy.

Grip Straps: These assist in maintaining a strong grip in exercises like deadlifts. They reduce grip fatigue, so you can focus on the target muscles.

DB Fitness offers durable and high-quality wraps and straps, enhancing your safety and lifting capabilities.

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Our aim is to expand our business so that DB fitness is a well known house hold name throughout this beautiful country.

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