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3-Tier Metal Steel Dumbbell Rack Storage Stand – Strength Trainer

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Our durable 3-Tier Metal Steel Dumbbell Rack can withstand heavy loads while resisting damage from intensive use over time.

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3 Tier Metal Steel Home Gym Dumbbell Rack Storage Stand


  • Heavy-Duty Welded Construction
    Keep all of your weights secure at all times with the 3 Tier Metal Steel Dumbbell Rack. Made from commercial-grade steel, its durable frame can withstand heavy loads while resisting damage from intensive use over time.
  • Durable Powder-Coated Finish
    Reinforced with a strong powder coating, this versatile dumbbell holder boasts a sturdy construction that won’t be easily tarnished even by the heaviest gear. Its matted surface effectively resists scratches and scuffs.
  • Compact And Space-Saving Design
    This weight rack has an ergonomically designed structure featuring a compact three-tier storage space and an angled design, allowing you to place the rack in any part of your gym for easy equipment accessibility.
  • Multi-Level Storage For Free Weights
    Store your dumbbells in a designated space that you can easily access while keeping things organized in your home gym! This rack stand features a 3-tiered storage space designed to accommodate dumbbells of all sizes.
  • Rubberized Feet For Stability
    A functional addition to your gym, this free weight organizer features rubberized feet that protect your floor from scratches. It also absorbs shock during re-stocking, preventing the rack from sliding.
  • The Dumbbell Rails
    The dumbbell rails are made of extra strong, heavy-duty steel and have a powder coat finish to ensure durability.
  • The Feet
    Rubberized feet allow for floor protection from scratches, absorb shock for re-stacking weights, and prevent the rack from sliding.
  • The Frame
    The durable welded construction ensures safety, while its angled frame design allows for easy access.


Dimensions(L/W/H): 960*515*900 MM

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Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 123 × 53 × 12.5 cm

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