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Fusion Push-up Workout Set – Strength Trainer

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Get a total body experience that tones and strengthens multiple muscle groups right from home with our Fusion Push-up Workout Set!

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Our push-up board and weighted jump rope work perfectly for:

✓ Fitness beginners
✓ Bodybuilding pros
✓ Athletes
✓ Full-body workouts
✓ Cardio training

What’s in the Box:

– 1 Fusion Motion push-up board
– 2 Static push up handles
– 1 Adjustable ball bearing skipping rope
– 1 Training guide with 100+ exercises

Hate awkward stares and the persistent aroma of B.O. every time you go to the gym? Get a total body experience that tones and strengthens multiple muscle groups right from home – with the Fusion Motion push up board!

With the unique color-coded board guide, you’ll effortlessly target your triceps, back, shoulders and chest. Simply match the ergonomic handles to the muscle group you want to work for laser-targeted toning! Have no idea where to start? Consult our in-depth training guide with over 100 new exercises to enhance your daily routine!

But don’t just stop at sculpting the perfect upper body. Boost cardio and burn calories with our weighted ball-bearing jump rope. With 360 degrees of no-noise rotation, you’ll enjoy advanced skipping techniques to develop your quads, hammies, and glutes! And with internally locking handles, you can quickly adjust the rope to whatever length you need!

Heading out of town for a conference or much-needed vacation? Skip crowded hotel fitness rooms and bring your own portable gym! Our push-up board effortlessly folds into a compact carrier that holds all of the included fitness gear and magnetically locks to prevent spillage.

Note: The Fusion Motion back, arm and chest exerciser hold up to 265 pounds of weight.

For more great Fusion Motion exercise equipment, be sure to check out our store for the full range of products!

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 27 × 22 × 8 cm


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