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Foam Roller Massage Stick for Home (Pink/Black) – Yoga Product

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Constructed with a high-quality ABS material, the pink/black massage stick ensures longer life, expands easily to fit different muscles groups.

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  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Our leg rollers for muscles are in a class of their own. 4 trigger point foam rollers made from high-density foam work independently from each other causing deep tissue stimulation & myofascial release. Easy-grip Nonslip handles mean ease of use every time, Expandable ABS plastic bracket makes it perfect for different muscle sizes. Use it to relieve tennis elbow pain, as a leg massager, or even on your thighs. It’s the perfect foam roller for physical therapy & Exercise.
  • REDUCE/ ELIMINATE CELLULITE: Cellulite is caused mainly by a pocket of fat cells pushing up against the skin. It could also be caused by poor circulation and lymphatic drainage. The fastest way to get rid of them is by deep tissue massage. This is done by use of our cellulite roller or cellulite massager. Our lipo roller lymphatic massager can be used at home, no need for a massage therapist. Use frequently to stimulate blood flow, and improve the appearance of cellulite.
  • FOAM ROLLER YOU CAN TRUST: When choosing a fit roller it is important to consider both form and function. Our foam roller deep tissue massager satisfies the 3 main considerations of a good roller massager or myofascial release tool. Density- Made of high-density EVA foam, not plastic like others to avoid unnecessary pain or bruises. Surface texture- the surface of the fascia roller is textured. A spiked foam roller causes varying amounts of pressure. Shape and Size- perfect for on-the-go use.
  • TRIGGER POINT MASSAGE BALLS: The lymphatic drainage massager comes with 4 rollers, textured with triangular-shaped knobs to mimic the hands of a masseuse, ridges, and knobs on a calf massager roller can provide more precisely targeted massage to work out knots in your muscles. The back and forth motion of the trigger point massager tool can stimulate sensory input to the muscle increasing blood flow while targeting and releasing muscular tension and increasing range of motion.
  • PAIN & INFLAMMATION RELIEF: no pain no gain they say, but a magic wand to relieve the pain after an intense workout session is awesome. Foam rolling or self-myofascial release is the process of alleviating trigger points in sore muscles. Using a calf roller, leg roller or any roller for muscles deep tissue helps to locate tender muscle areas, reducing pain through pressure, promoting blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and ultimately reducing inflammation from exercise or tennis elbow.
  • PROMOTE LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE: Lymphatic drainage is a technique used to relieve a wide variety of health conditions characterized by tissue swelling, using our pro massage roller helps break down the fluid build-up around the fascia, causing myofascial pain relief and recovery. Using the roller massager for legs, neck, arms, or anywhere promotes not only the free movement of the lymph but also blood circulation. Foam muscle rollers help to relieve muscle tension and increase muscle reflexology.
  • High-Quality Sturdy Frame – Unlike other arm massagers or calf rollers for muscles that tend to bend or break during use, The massager is constructed with a high-quality ABS material that ensures longer life, expands easily to fit different muscles groups from your calf to your legs, arms or necks. Go ahead and pull the thigh massager roller apart to fit around large muscles and reach those hard-to-reach places. Also small enough to use as your elbow massager.
  • EASY TO USE – The “Amyup” Foam Roller’s aim is to provide you with a do-it-yourself myofascial massage tool that can be used at home or in the gym without any specialized training. its compact enough to travel with comes in a drawstring bag to make using your manual massager even easier. Using a body roller for cellulite or as a trigger point tool has never been this easy. Take with you to the gym for a quick recovery roller session afterward. Roller massage does feel good.
  • Color: Pink, Black
  • Size: 25x24x5cm
  • Net weight: 300g
  • Massage leg circumference: within 60cm/23.62in

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 5 cm


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