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WalkingPad R2 Pro Treadmill – Cardio Equipment

$1,399.00 Incl. GST

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Our WalkingPad R2 Pro Treadmill features a new design and comprehensive upgrade, creating a more ideal running experience!

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  • Packing size: 1087 x 767 x 203 mm
  • Folded size: 1000 x 720 x 161.5 mm
  • Running surface: 1200*440 mm
  • Console LED touchable console panel
  • Color: Black
  • Motor specifications PWM (pulse width modulation system) has current limitation
  • Motor power: l.25hp
  • Belt width: 440mm
  • Speed range: 0.5-10km/h
  • Connection method: remote control, APP, LED touch screen
  • Maximum user weight: 110kg
  • Net weight: 37kg
  • Gross weight: 40kg
  • Sports mode running mode/walking mode
  • 12 Months Warranty

Contains items:

Walking mat *1
Power cord*1
Remote control*1
Wrist strap x 1
Silicone oil*1
Instruction Manual*1


  • New Handrail Design
    Thicker, Wider, More Stable and
    No more static electricity while exercising
  • New Clip Design
    Easier and more smooth
    when the user adjusts the height of the Handrail
  • New Running Pedal
    By applying the metal and rubber design,
    the new pedal offers more skid resistance
  • New Rotary Knob Design
    A larger Knob makes it easier to tighten the handrail
    makes Handrail more stable during exercise
  • New Shell Crafting
    Applying new Appearance design
    and new ABS spray crafting
  • Multiple Layers
    The treadmill platform is a frequently used position, that is why we use high-density
    fiberboard to ensure its excellent quality; EVA cushioning layer with comfortable
    texture; smooth layer with low friction coefficient, wear-resistant and anti-slip running belt.
  • Remote Control
    WalkingPad R2 Pro Treadmill switches mode, accelerates/decelerates, and starts/stops by the remote control while exercising, with a little click on the button to change the options easily, it gets rid of the complicated buttons on the dashboard in the traditional treadmill to guarantee a safer and more pleasant workout.
  • Adaptive Speed Control Technology
    Patent No.: 201510274192.X
    The patent of Kingsmith frees your hands. The pressure sensors embedded in the treadmill base, monitoring the user’s step position in real-time, and responding quickly to the users’ intent, instantly adjust the speed of the WalkingPad R2 Pro Treadmill. Free your hands in the real meaning.
  • Automatic Mode
    Speed is automatically controlled by an intelligent algorithm. It follows the speed of walking from range 0.5~6KM/H maximum. When our WalkingPad R2 Pro Treadmill operates in the A mode, the user does not need to use the remote control. When exercising in the front area, it automatically starts and accelerates; in the middle area, it keeps constant speed; in the rear area, it will slow down and then stop automatically.
  • Brushless Motor
    Our WalkingPad R2 Pro Treadmill equips a brand new brushless motor. The brushless motor is more able to hold down the noise while working out and improve the max load of the treadmill. And through long-time operation tests, its duration and stability have all been improved.

WARNING: keep young children away from this machine at all times. Contact with the moving surface may result in severe friction burns.

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 109 × 77 × 20.5 cm

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