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Yoga Wheel (200g) – Yoga Product

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Add well-rounded support to your yoga routine with our yoga wheel, which helps build flexibility in the spine and abdominal muscles.


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Add well-rounded support to your yoga routine with our Yoga Wheel. The wheel gives you 5mm of non-slip cushioning. Ideal for both beginners and experts, it helps you move safely into backbends or other challenging core-enhancing balance poses.

Easy To Use Yoga Wheel Back Best Quality Wheel Yoga Circle Pilates Circle Comfortable Yoga Wheel Back Easy To Use Wheel Yoga Circle Pilates Circle All new yoga wheel back wheel Yoga circle pilates circle provides an easy way to add intensity to floor exercises to build body muscles especially legs. The versatility of Fitness tool makes it suitable for anyone who is trying to keep fit and want use it at home, at work or when on a trip. This fitness tool is fun to use and you will be impressed by how quickly you can improve your strength, balance and flexibility. The wheel is made from high quality steel with chrome plated finish. The yoga wheel is a simple but useful exercising tool. It is light enough to carry and you are able to do exercise easily anywhere, anytime. It is very appropriate for all ages. The perfect companion for indoor gymnasium. Brings you motivation to keep your body fit, young and energetic. Just a simple yoga wheel can enhance the intensity of your exercise, give an extra strength to muscles and even build a resistance with parts of the body you have never used before. The ball fits securely in the plastic ring and prevents any injury while using it vigorously. The yoga wheel is primarily used for floor work and subtly engages multiple muscle groups. It’s difficult to master all exercises with the yoga wheel. It can be used for stretching, balance, coordination, strengthening and flexing of the muscles. You’ll love it for its practicality, durability, quality and stability. The yoga circle pass the pilates practice, and become popular in the world. Many of pilates practitioners use the yoga wheel to carry out the practice. It is a must for pilates circle workouts. This yoga wheel can do everything – All you have to do is change the way you work out! Before stepping onto the yoga mat, take advantage of the wheel for a full-body workout in fun and creative ways. Place it behind your body and get a challenging workout while lying on your back or side. Put it behind an elevated position and make it unstable for even more training benefits during yoga, Pilates or cardio exercises. You can put this yoga wheel in front of you to perform machine-like movement with your arms. The possibilities are endless!

  • Handcrafted from 5mm premium yoga mats
  • Non-slip and gentle on the joints
  • Improves flexibility and helps with stretching
  • Releases back, chest and spine tension
  • Size: 33 x 14cm
  • Net weight: 1.33kg
  • Bearing weight: 200kg
  • Material:  Dense Plastic Core, PVC Cushion/ Cork, ABS (ABS plastic that has been tested to handle over 500 pounds! The yoga wheel is built to last a lifetime.)

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 20 cm

Black, Cork


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