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Home Equipment

You don’t need a gym membership to get a great workout, build muscle mass, and get your heart rate up. Instead, take a look at the top-quality range of home gym equipment on offer at DB Fitness. Buy or hire premium gear such as fitness bikes, treadmills, or strength equipment at lower prices, and get on top of your fitness from home!

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Make the Most Out of Your Home Gym with DB Fitness

Working out from home doesn’t have to be a compromise. Home gym equipment can provide a more efficient and effective workout to improve your cardio fitness, gain muscle mass, and get an all-around great fitness experience.


Say goodbye to the commercial gym and start strength training from your place. Change up your gym routine by incorporating shorter, sharper home workouts to get your heart rate pumping, or use adjustable and functional equipment to experiment with new movements that will challenge your body.


Burn fat and maintain a higher level of fitness from the comfort of your own home. Our range of fitness bikes, power cages, functional equipment, and strength equipment feature all the latest in fitness technology without the steep mark-ups of prominent name brands. Plus, we have a range of accessories such as weight racks and floor mats to keep your home gym tidy and practical.

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