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Pros & Cons of Folding Running Machines & Foldable Treadmills

Woman using folding running machine in her living room space.

An active lifestyle with regular exercise does wonders for the body and mind. A treadmill at home makes it easy to ensure you’re doing enough cardio to maintain muscle strength while improving heart and brain health.

With so many models of treadmills on sale, it’s not easy to choose the right fit for your home. This blog post shares the pros and cons of folding running machines and treadmills.

What is a foldable treadmill?

Unlike traditional treadmills, folding running machines are compact and easy to transport. These foldable treadmills don’t require permanent installation.

As various models of running equipment are available, it can be challenging to pick the most suitable one for your home. Learn the pros and cons of folding treadmills below.


They save space

The top benefit of a foldable running machine is the space they save. A foldable treadmill might be the answer if you’re living in an apartment or your home doesn’t have enough free space for one that stays in place.

As the name suggested, foldable designs can be folded down and stored easily. You can move it to the edge of the room, store it in a cupboard, and utilise your space for other purposes.

They are portable

Foldable treadmills not only take up less space when folded, but they are also easier to transport. Whether moving house or just shifting your treadmill to a different room, they are conveniently portable, with many models featuring wheels.

They provide the same health benefits as regular treadmills

While typically smaller in frame, folding running machines are no less advantageous than regular running machines. They offer the same benefits, and most models include shock resistance, speed control, and workout tracking.

Their foldable design makes cleaning easy

Because you can fold them to save space, cleaning is a breeze. You can access the floor beneath the treadmill and every nook and cranny of your machine. From top to bottom, folding machines are convenient, space-efficient, and very easy to keep clean.

They are sturdy

Despite being smaller, these treadmills are still sturdy. You don’t have to worry about your model breaking down. A foldable design typically means extra effort goes into making the frame robust.

They’re affordable

Depending on your chosen model, folding running machines can be significantly cheaper than regular treadmills. However, you must ensure your chosen model includes all your desired features to avoid sacrificing areas of your workout.


Less variety

With traditional, heavy-duty treadmills, countless options are available on the market. Unfortunately, foldable treadmills are currently newer to the market and have less variety. However, we’re likely to see more variations hit home gym equipment stores over time as more designs are produced to cater to their increasing popularity.

They’re newer to the market

As a recent addition to the home gym market, foldable treadmills have had less time to refine their design. Less time on the market means potential limitations on features and design, whereas non-folding designs have had time for fine tuning. As the market grows, we’ll likely see refined foldable models with maximised features.

Build quality can be a gamble

Because they’re newer to the home gym equipment world, fewer high-quality models are available. We highly recommend avoiding cheap options and choosing a top-quality, feature-packed folding running machine instead. Although a cheaper model may be appealing, the build quality is a gamble. You could end up wasting money on a flimsy treadmill design that doesn’t last the distance. When buying your treadmill, check product reviews to see what other’s experiences with the machine have been.

Save yourself the frustration of a poor-quality running machine; buy a model worth the investment that will last for years to come.

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